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Solo Around the Block
Saturday, 21 February 2009
We decided to take Harley out on his first solo walk around the block today. Previously, he has only gone solo up to the end of the road or around the block with auny Polly following behind. In preparation, for riding him in the summer we decided we would try his first solo walk around the block today to see how he coped.

It was another lovely today. We intended to take Polly and Magpie out for a hack today but thought we would take Harley out beforehand so that he didn't get himself all wound up calling for mum while we were out.

They all had a lovely groom which they all seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

We took Harley out in his rope halter. We had only gone about 50 yards when he faltered for a few minutes. We just stood with him whilst he composed himself and walked quite calmly out of our turning and turned left to head around the block.

He was obviously a little concerned and glanced backwards a few times looking for autie Polly, his usual back up.

About two thirds of the way around the block a car pulled out of a drive way up ahead. At the same time Harley was starting to get agitated.

We stopped for a couple of minutes and played back up and done a couple of circles just to get his attention back on me.

The car stopped and waited (thank goodness). As soon as I thought I had Harley's attention we proceeded to pass the car. He wasn't at all phased by the car and passed it very calmly.

Fifty yards further on we were on the home stretch. He could see the house and yard. He started to get a little agitated again but not out of control. We stopped and done another couple of circles. He calmed down and we started off for home again.

We got back to the yard. He stopped in the drive way. He didn't seem to want to go back into the paddock with mum and aunties.

After a bit of gentle coaxing he walked back into the paddock.

We took Magpie and Polly out for a lovely two hour hack. First one this year!!

When we got back, I asked Annalice if she would sit up on Harley whilst I held him. She agreed. She sat on him for about five minutes. Harley wasn't bothered at all. We walked a few steps, stopped, walked a few steps. Done this a couple of times then Annalice got off.

I think he is going to be grand come the summer.

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