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Mongolia Charity Horse Trek
Thursday, 11 December 2008
Mongolia is the king of horse countries, where snow-covered mountains mingle with the desert. It is a country of contrast with a vast sea of green grass on the steppes, to the ochre sand dunes of the Gobi desert. Known as the 'Land of the Blue Sky' it is a remarkably sunny country where grasslands and deserts provide habitats for wildlife species such as the snow leopard, the Gobi bear, wild camel, and wild horse.


Mongolia's name invokes images of Genghis Khan's horde galloping through endless steppe and of the nomadic warriors who inspired awe and fear in the Western World. The Great Mongol Empire of the 13th and 14th century stretched from the Danube to the Yellow River and became the largest empire in the History of the World.

Our ride takes us through open steppe land and mountain forests, riding traditional Mongolian horses with Russian Cavalry-style saddles. As well as the stunning Mongolian scenery and wildlife, we get to experience the Mongolian nomadic culture and a way of life that is disappearing rapidly as western culture arrives on the steppe. We also have the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in a traditional Ger.


  • Visas
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Airport taxes
  • Tips to local staff
  • Drinks at meals i.e. beer & wine
  • Items of a personal nature
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