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Baby is Lame Again
Saturday, 06 December 2008

Baby has another abcess. This time in her right foot. This is the foot I was working on when she got an abcess in her left foot.

This one appeared as a lump on her tendon on Tuesday morning. I thought her leg looked a little swollen and she was limping again.

I started manipulating the lump as I guessed it was another abcess and starting soaking here foot in 1:3 Apple Cider Vinegar:Hot Water solution to help draw the abcess.

It burst through her heel bulb on Thursday morning. I continued with the daily soaking to clean and draw the abcess and dressed the foot with a dry dressing and a hoof boot.

babyright2061208.jpgToday she is more sound and I got a good close look at her foot. The sole is in a terrible mess, it has black holes in it and is loose in areas.

I emailed Dermot McCourt, a remedial equine podiatrist, for some advise.

He advised that this is a time when you can see the need for someone who is not a vet or farrier, but something in between and I totally agree.

Dermot seems to think there is enough hoof wall around the outside to do most of the work. He thinks it should be possible to tug at the rotten sole around the black hole and remove any of it that is not attached as it is a haven for infection.

You may think that the nacrotic sole is offering some protection, but not so, there is a new sole below.

This may not be the time, but the heels may have to be lowered a little. In the photo that I took this morning is seems that the tip of the pedal bone it making a definite new moon shape at the toe, this may be fine or it could be that the sole is thin at that point.

I am going to check it again in the morning and if the sole seems thin, then I will try and lower the heels a little to take the pressure off the sharp pedal bone tip.

If I can lower the heels a little without putting too much extra pressure on the frog area, this would squeese out the abcess and encourage the rotten sole to slough.

I pulled a little off the sole this morning that was very loose but I will try and pick a bit more off tomorrow morning.

I have lowered the heel on this foot already and was working on doing this before Baby got the first abcess, in her left foot. I will take a little more off her heels tomorrow morning if the sole at the front is a little thin.

Hopefully, this will give her some relief and stop these infections.

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