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Harley the Brave
Sunday, 23 November 2008

Two weeks ago I decided it was time to start walking Harley outside of the safety of his home turf.

Harley is now 2 years and 6 months old and although quite young he is very brave and is always first to the gate to greet me and he loves playing games.


Two Saturdays ago I decided we would try going further afield on our walks. Harley has been on small walks with me to the end of the road and back. So my husband and I took Harley and Polly for a walk around the block.

The block would take us quite away from the house out of site of the arena and Magpie (but not out of earshot), Harley's mum.

We decided to bring along Aunty Polly who would walk about 50 yeards behind us just in case he needed equine reassurance.

Harley strode out with me. We got about half way round and where we came upon a black water hose lying across the road. Harley looked at the hose, then to me and walked straight over it.

Not long after this Magpie let out a loud cry for her baby and Harley half heartedly responded with a small, almost non-existent, call back.

We got the the end of our road. At this point Harley started to get agitated and I could feel that he was about to try and head for home, so we played the Yo-Yo game for a few minutes to bring his focus back on me.

That was it, he calmed down again and off we went and walked the last 50 yards back home in a controlled stride. I keep using stride as opposed to walk as Harley strides everywhere. He doesn't know how to take baby steps! 

All this time, Polly was bringing up the rear appx 50 yards but Harley didn't even seem to notice her.

Last Saturday, my young friend, Annalice, and I took Harley and Polly out again.

This time we walked down to the main road and while Harley was taking in all the new sites he wasn't overly bothered and carried on striding out.

Harley has a very confident long stride and always likes to be the lead horse when we are taking the horses back to their field generally.

We go the main road, stood for a few minutes and let a couple of cars pass by and then turned back for home. We got to the house and I suggested that we TRY and pass the house and go round the block in the opposite direction to the previous week.

During all this time Magpie was calling to Harley but he didn't attempt to respond.

As we passed the house he just looked in at Mum and Baby in the arena and continued his walk past without the slightest resistance.

We continued around the block and just as we were on the homeward stretch back to the house, another friend of mine turned into our road and followed up behind us to the house.

We carried on walking toward the house and pulled over to the side when we got there and let the car drive into the driveway. None of this bothered Harley one little bit.

He is so Brave!!I think if he carries on like this we will be out riding together next summer if he is ready physically.

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