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More PH Courses In September
Monday, 18 August 2008

Positive horsemanship courses at the ISPCA national animal centre, Longford.

Thursday 18th Friday/19th September

Positive pony power;

do you have a fat, unfit pony bored in his field with nothing to do?Are you worried about laminitis? Would you like to do something fun andget fit at the same time?On This course we show people how to train their pony or horse to carryout jobs around the yard, farm and fields saving fuel, reducing thecarbon footprint and helping them and us to stay fit. Join us for a funfilled couple of days playing with ponies!

Saturday 20th/Sunday 21st September

Confidence building course;

this 2 day course is aimed at the new or existing horse owner,parents of pony mad children [ or spouses!] and those who needconfidence. The whole weekend is designed to give support and isintensely practical, training handlers to remain safe if things get abit active. We look at the nature of the horse and how to handle horsessafely and confidently and learn to do a quick risk assessment. As someparticipants may not want to share their fears we will not be askinganyone to discuss their personal issues unless they feel they wouldlike to and it would be of benefit to them and others. No one will beasked to do anything that they feel they are not ready for.

Wednesday 23rd/Thursday 24th September

In this 2 day course we examine types of round pen be they square orround and explore the reasons behind using them. You will learn how toconstruct a simple round pen, when to use a round pen, how to use around pen with different types of horses, how to work a horse on longreins and at liberty.

All courses are 200 euro per place including lunch, tea coffee andsnacks. A 50 euro deposit is required to book a place. Please contactCathy at 087 9378393. email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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