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Polly the Plough Horse
Thursday, 24 July 2008
Well Thursday again and we headed off for our twice weekly bareback ride this morning. Brought the three horses up, quick feed (only a handful) and put on their fly masks. The flies were horrendous this morning and one of Polly's eyes was a little swollen.

Tacked up the two girls, Fly Masks and BB Bridles today.

Left Harley in the arena today again and he was grand. Not too much calling. My husband said he was really calm today.

We took a different route today. Polly was a bit tender on her feet today so it was a slow trundle up and down the lanes. The farrier was out a couple of weeks ago for their normal trim but Polly still seems a bit sore.

I am not sure what is causing it. I can only think it has something to do with her being shod (very badly I might add) for the few months she was away from me and the results are only just surfacing now. She wore her boots on Saturday but she still wasn't 100% so there might be something else going on. Will have to wait and see.

I have been contemplating a long time about how I was going keep on top of keeping the sand arena maintained. Had a tractor and a chain harrow for a while but it is a bit over kill just to keep a sand arena in shape. Plus the fact it wasn't doing the tractor much good only being used about once a month. I had been looking for a harrow or a petrol tiller that I could use that I could push around but they are quite pricey and it would still be a hard job.

Got back this morning and we decided to try Polly at pulling a pallet across the arena to try and grade it out a bit. It was Annalice's idea! I wasn't too sure as Polly had never pulled anything in her lifetime. Magpie on the other hand had been used in a gig for a short time but she would be too fast.

Put a roller on Polly, put long reins on her bitless and tied a heavy pallet to the roller bar. She was obviously concerned by what we were doing but didn't walk off or anything.

Annalice asked her to walk on and she did although initially a bit ziggy zaggy, not very straight but she soon got the hang of it. I walked beside here to start with with Annalice driving from behind. Eventually, I left Annalice to it and took the other two back to the field.

Polly called a couple of times and Magpie called back and they all seemed to settle down.

I went indoors to get ready for work and by the time I came out of the house Annalice and Polly had the whole arena done!! Brilliant!

Polly was delighted to see a bucket with a bit of food in it as a reward for her hard work. Polly loves her food so I wouldn't be surprised if she is looking to pull the pallet around the arena next week. She will do anything for grub our Polly.

We are going to put some short nails stocking out of the botton of the pallet over the weekend so that we can harrow it properly the next time.

I can stop looking for a harrow now and a means of pulling it round. I know have the natural method of harrowing the arena which will also help my carbon foot print!! It also gives Polly a job to do and a means to earn extra food.

Polly's registered name is Dabhach Dubh (Gaeilic for Black Tank) but I think I will need to find out the Gaelic for 'Plough' (LOL)  




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