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Right Brain Left Brain
Wednesday, 23 July 2008
Yesterday morning we went out for a quick bareback ride on Magpie and Polly. Annalice (my young friend) is helping me out this week so we decided to take the horses out for a short hack before she and I started work.  Just us, our horses and their BB bridles. No pads or anything. This is the life!

I decided I would try and leave Harley out in the arena whilst we were gone as I knew we wouldn't be gone for very long. Previously, I have always put him in his stable because when he was younger if we left him he would  jump the fence or the gate to follow us.

I didn't want him to hurt himself so I would put him in his stable for his own safety. I even had to get a top door made as he would jump out of his stable as well.I hated locking him in!! It just never felt good when we were out and I knew was locked up.

So, we left him in the arena yesterday and as we left we shut the front gates to the drive, just in case. We set off and my husband said he would ring immediately if he jumped out and we would hurry back. 

We were gone about 30 minutes and the phone never rang.

My husband asked if we had gone around the block as Harley seemed to be following something around the block. We had. He said he wasn't too bad and only got really excited as we got nearer home.

So no more stable for Harley.

We settled the girls and I decided I would take Harley out for one of his walks. As usual he was great getting his halter on and did not hesitate to leave Mum and Aunty Polly behind in the yard.

We walked a bit down the road and we were just passing the gate to their field when he looked in and seemed to panic!! It was like he had forgotten his mum and aunty were back at the yard. It was very strange he changed from being LB confident to be a RB panic merchant!!

I decided to ask him to take a few more steps when he reared and little way up and then bucked. That is the first time he has ever done anything like that. He can be bargy but he has never acted like that. Well we went a few steps on and then turned back for home.

He was a real handful and I had to keep doing little circles on the way back to the yard to stop him running off. He hasn't been that much of a handful since he was a young foal.

We got back to the entrance to the yard and I decided we would head a little way past just to see if he would calm down and be his normal self. He didn't, I think he was too would up at this stage. 

If I had only seen him today I would have described him as a Right Brain and not the Left Brain that I know he generally is.

My husband said it was probably not a good idea to take him out on his own after we had already left him by himself in the arena. Maybe, he is right but Harley seemed so calm when we started the walk? I don't know but is just shows how a horse can be a LB one situation and a RB in another situation.

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