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Walking Harley
Thursday, 26 June 2008
After putting Magpie back in the field this morning I decided to take Harley out for his walk. I put his mum's Bitless bridle on instead of his rope halter this morning. Only because I was being lazy and didn't want to walk all the way back to the house to get his halter.

Harley is always so eager to get out when I go to collect him from the field.

We started off really well and went to the end of the road stopping a couple of times for a munch on the grass on the verges. I have noticed that the more worried he gets the more he needs to eat!!

Got to the end of the road where we discovered a drain and some blue rope around a garden with bits of plastic tied to it to keep the cows out. He wasn't too bad.

Had a look at everything but didn't panic so I decided that was enough new stuff for today and decided to turn around and go home.

We only got about ten yards when a young boy came around the corner behind us on a 'Horse Eating' bike!! Harley got really worried at this point and sped up.  

I called to the lad not to come down behind us on the bike. I know Harley has to get used to things like that but the last I wanted was for Harley to panic and possibly run the lad over (and me!)

The lad dropped  his bike and Harley and me carried on back towards the field.

We didn't stop at the gate but carried on toward the house, then past the house, but as soon as we got out of site of the field mum was in he got agitated again and stuck his head into the grass verge.

Let him have a quick munch and the walked him back to his field.

Mental note to ask my friend's daughter to visit with her bike soon.




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