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Polly knows the Games
Monday, 23 June 2008

Have you ever met a horse that knows the Parelli Games or can just seem to read your mind? I have owned Polly (LBI) for 5 years but have only had her back a few months (after I made a mistake of selling her). I haven't directly done any of the Parelli Games with her. We have been too busy going out on hacks and just hanging out together, but I think she knows the games!!!

Now if you met Polly you would think she was a bit slow but that is a front. I am starting to discover that she is one of the most intelligent horses I know!!

We have been hacking out together both saddled and bare back and we have been playing whilst we are out. Backing, going sideways, circling, etc... but I haven't done any ground games with Polly. 

On Saturday, the weather was really rotten and it was jut too wet to go out for a hack so we just played games in the arena offline.

With Polly I just put my hand on her mane and she will walk with me anywhere. I only discovered this last week when I wanted to bring her into the yard from the arena and I didn't have a rope with me. I unconciously placed my hand on her mane and started to walk and she came with me!! I was a little surprised to say the least.

When I bring food into the yard I just signal the horses to go back while I place the buckets and they do including Polly.

Well on Saturday I picked up my carrot stick and pointed to the arena and she immediately perked up and walked straight into the arena!!

I asked here to go right and with a snort and jump she did!! Obviously, she wasn't impressed but the only resistance she gave was the snort and jump and then started circling in the direction I asked her to go. 

Changing direction took a couple of tries because she wouldn't look at me. Eventually she looked at me and I asked her to come to me and then go away the other way but she done it (again with a snort and a jump)!!

When we were done I asked her to come to me and she did.

She will Yo-Yo, Back and Squeeze through any gap for me and all this the first time I have tried the games with her.

She is a star!! 

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