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Squeeze Game - Harley
Sunday, 22 June 2008
Have started just started taking Harley out for short walks on his own. He is doing really well for a 2 year old...He is mostly a LBE but he exhibits a little RB behaviour when he is on his own

On Tuesday last week we went for our first walk away from mum (Magpie) and aunty (Polly). Harley is always first at the gate and this morning was no different.

We left the field and he didn't seem at all worried even though Magpie and Polly were kicking up a fuss. He didn't look or call back to them at all. 

We got about 30 yards away from the field and he spotted a cow in the field to his left close to the gate. His adrenalin went up but he just looked at me and carried on walking keeping one eye on the cow.

He was so intent on watching the cow that he tripped over his own feet and frightened the life out of himself!! He shot forward a couple of steps but got himself under control.  

We took a few more steps and then turned back for home. Was really proud of him!!!

On Thursday, we set out on our walk and an oil tanker turned up at the house to deliver our heating oil. I decided to bring him up to the lorry to see how he would react.

He was looking at the lorry as we approached it and was huffing and puffing a little but he kept walking with me. The lorry's pump was going as we approached but I just kept walking and so did Harley!!

We had about a 2 foot gap to pass the lorry and although Harley hesitated he followed me through!! A little quickly but he didn't pass me or run me over which was a blessing. He is so brave!!

I decided not to take him past the lorry again so we went into the yard which ajoins our fields. Magpie and Polly came charging round and Harley did get a little excited and was running around the yard. He was still online and even though he was running around he didn't pull the rope too much.

He calmed eventually, the Oil tanker left and we set off back to the field. We walked rather quickly back to field (not running but definately faster than his normal pace)

All during this time Magpie and Polly were calling and he didn't once call back to them!!

On Saturday, the weather was rotten so we were just playing games offline in the arena. Harely is great and the Yo-Yo and Driving Games. He's not too bad on the Circling Game. He will easily circle left but he doesn't like to go right.

When I send him right he tends to charge at me with his ears back so we played a lot driving him back. It got a bit hairy at some points. He was pretty close a few times before I managed to drive him back!

He really enjoyed jumping the barrels left but would not go over them right so I split the barrels and asked him to come through them to me, which he done no problem. I then asked him to back through them. Squeeze Game again, no problem.

As soon as I put the barrels together and asked him to go over them on the right rein he would stop in front of them and move them with his feet and walk through. 

I tried to get tougher with him when he approached the barrels from the right and slapped the ground behind him to make him go over but no success today!!

I am sure it is how I am asking him as I can see him looking at me with a raised eyebrow going WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY?!! 

Anyway, we played the freindly game for a while and ended on a good note. 

I really need to work on my communication skills!! 







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