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Verb-X Herbal Wormer
Wednesday, 02 January 2008

I use Verm-X for our 3 horses, 3 cats & 2 dogs. It is easy to use for the horses as it is only fed every 3 months or so. They chuck the food about for the first one or two doses but it soon settles down and they take it quite easily. I tend to put some Apple Cider Vinegar in their food at the same time to mask the smell of the Verm-X.

Can be a bit of a pain to feed the cats and dogs as they have to get a dose daily. Problem is remembering every day and you have to stand over them or they won't eat the Verm-X biscuits. I tend to just give them as I remember and have time to encourage them to eat them.


 Verm-X for Horses

Verm-X for Horses is available in two forms. The original powder formulation which is fed for 5 consecutive days every 10/12 weeks and our liquid formulation which is fed for 3 days each month.


Pasture Management

This is crucial for all grazed paddocks used for any animals but in particular horses. The life-cycle of internal parasites involves eggs being passed out with the droppings. The eggs hatch and the larvae are then eaten on the grass by the grazers. Picking up droppings will help but is not the full answer.

Paddocks should ALWAYS have periods of rest for several weeks at different times of the year. Infested pastures, that will not be openly apparent, will prevent any management programme from being effective over a sustained period of time.

Parasite control methods under these conditions may show a reduction of infestation in the horse immediately after use but after a short period the parasite burden may soon be increased when grazing infested pastures.

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