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Magpie in Bare boots
Sunday, 13 April 2008

We took Magpie and Polly out for a short hack yesterday for about an hour. Magpie was wearing the Bare Boots and she was fantastic. She was like a dressage horse!! She was so light on her feet and was lifting her front feet beautifully.

I didn't experience the same difficulty putting the boots on Magpie that I seemed to experience putting the boots on Tommy. Maybe it is because Magpie is so used to me handling her feet and she is used to wearing boots that it seemed a lot easier getting the boots on. It literally took seconds to put the boots on and get them done done up.

According to the size chart for Bare Boots, Magpie is a size one and Polly is a size two. They are both at the upper scale of these sizes. These happen to be the sizes I bought for Tommy so I was hopping I might be able to use these rather than trying to get boot swaps done for different sizes.

I did try the size ones on Magpie but they seemed a bit neat and I decided to take her out in the size twos. I can understand why people love these boots when I seen how comfortable and free going Magpie was in them yesterday.

The size twos were a bit neat on Polly so we went out barefoot. I wanted to see how Polly was doing since she got her shoes off a couple of weeks ago. Her feet are over an inch shorter since we took the shoes off. They were so long when she came home and she looked liked she was falling off her heels but my farrier removed the shoes and gave her a good trim. He left a little length on her for this first trim so she wouldn't get too sore.

Polly was almost completely sound yesterday and we covered a few different surfaces, including pea gravel, which is where I would expect her to be uncomfortable if she wasn't sound. Looks like her time in shoes didn't damaged her feet too much. She only had one trip during the hour that we were out.

Most of the hack was road and gravel and we even managed a short canter on grass.

I will try again next week with Polly in the size twos and Magpie in the size ones.

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