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Parelli 2008 UK
Wednesday, 02 April 2008
Parelli is back to the UK again this year. I went last year and it was a great weekend. It was too full days of information and entertainment. It wasn't just a show, it was information, information, information!! I found myself wiping away a tear and smiling both in equal doses many times during the two days. I was both elated and exhausted at the end of it. Tickets bought, flights and hotels booked for this year. Can't wait to go back again in August!!

As long as you take the 'Raise your hands' if you love horses and 'Halleluya' kind of responses asked for with a pinch of salt you will really enjoy the weekend. We wouldn't be there is we didn't love horses so I don't think all this 'raise your hand' kind of responses is all that neccessary, but I suppose it's all part of the hype and atmosphere!! And a bit of a laugh

Also if you need to buy any of the merchandise I would suggest going early in the mornings before the show starts as the queues are horrendous in the breaks. They had some good offers on the DVD collections last year for attendees to the conference. The merchandising area closes during the show so they don't get to clear the queues although they did stay open late on the last day for anyone who still needed to get stuff. I think a lot of it had sold out by that stage.

Below is the program planned for the weekend of August 9th & 10th at the NEC Birmingham:


The Peril of Specialization - Pat Parelli

Rushing, refusing, rearing, spooking... what's going on in the mind and emotions of the talented jumper that is difficult and complicated to train? Pat analyzes where the breakdown is and using his remarkable architecture explains the missing pieces while demonstrating success strategies for restoring the failing performance horse. No matter what discipline you pursue, this is the Parelli blueprint for successful specialization.

Lazy Horse Makeover - Linda Parelli

Those quiet, dependable, lazy horses are fantastic for inexperienced riders because they are so quiet and easy going... until you want them to do something! How do you motivate this guy? You know he is clever and can put a lot of energy into arguing with you, but how do you get him to want to put energy into doing the things you want to do? Linda shows you how to use psychology instead of the crop because this is all about the game!

"Liberty" De-Mystified - Pat Parelli

Liberty... circus tricks or the ultimate test? If you took off the halter and lead rope, were surrounded by other horses, not to mention several thousand people in the audience... would your horse stay with you? Does your horse really want to be with you? Would he be focused on you? Could you get him to circle you, do transitions, flying changes, jumps? Liberty has not only become a significant high level goal for Parelli students around the world, it holds the keys to truly connecting with horses.


Building Bravery - Pat Parelli

Is it really this simple? Pat Parelli plays with a spooky, cowardly horse and divulges powerful secrets for building confidence in the prey animal. Most people think fearful horses cannot change... but most fearful horses don’t have people with the necessary skills to help them. With the right approach, horses can quickly overcome what they perceive to be truly life-threatening. More importantly however, we need to realize that it is our responsibility to help our horse feel safe in our presence, no matter what it is we expose them to or ask them to do.

Rider Makeover - Linda Parelli

How can you change just one or two things and completely transform a rider and their effect on the horse? The secret is... you need to know what those things are! Linda's concept of "Fluidity" is the result of fifteen years devoted to decoding what makes Pat Parelli so naturally balanced and fluid as a rider. In this session you'll see how she uses that blueprint as an overlay for the riders she coaches. And almost more importantly than that, you'll start to see how your own horse can be the greatest riding teacher you’ll ever have.

The Fun Factor - Pat Parelli

Can you imagine having fun and still achieving your goals? For many riders the fun evaporates as soon as they became more serious about achieving excellence or winning ribbons. Your horse should not pay the penalty of your lack of imagination. No matter how serious you are... or should we say the more serious you are about excellence... the more attention your horse will want you to pay to this section!


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