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Polly is Home
Wednesday, 26 March 2008
My Polly is home!! I sold Polly to make room for Tommy but I was never really happy about selling her and missed her so much. The idea was to get a bigger horse and maybe do a few competitions. Expert friends had convinced me that I needed a bigger horse and my little horses would not suit.

Well I now realise that size doesn't matter!!

I sold Polly in July 2007 to a lady who had a horse that frightened her and she wanted a plod.

I planned to sell Polly for around 2,500 EURO but the lady said she only had 1,500 EURO and said she really loved Polly and would give me first option to buy her back should she ever fell the need to move her on. I felt sorry for the lady and on the understading that Polly was going to be loved I let her go for 1,500 EURO.

After a couple of weeks I heard that she was on loan to a riding school!!

I couldn't stop thinking about poor Polly in a riding school.

At the same time I was having problems with Tommy, the bigger horse that I was persuaded to buy.

Well it all came to a head last Saturday. I asked if I could buy Polly back as the lady didn't have time to ride her. She said yes but it would cost 3,000 EURO!!! I made it clear that I thought that was very cheeky but I couldn't risk losing Polly so I paid the price asked.

Anyway, I have my Polly back now!! What goes around, comes around.

I will never sell another horse again. If ever I find myself in the situation where I can no longer keep my horses they will be going to homes on a loan contract where I retain ownership. 

Now I have to get Polly back to normal. Her feet are horrible!! She is shod but it doesn't look like a farrier fitted the shoes. Her feet are about 2 inches longer than they should be and the shoes don't actually fit her. My farrier is coming at the weekend to see if he can sort her out. She was barefoot and sound since 2003 so I just hope we can get her back that way soon. 

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