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Tommy has Gone
Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Was getting on well with Bare boots and Tommy was getting fitter by the day. Unfortunately, I was getting less confident on him as he got fitter and faster. Took him out last Saturday on a short hack. He was totally sound!! BUT I had no communication with him!!

I couldn't stop him or slow him down at all. He was just not listening to me. His ears wear forward and he had his mind set on where and how fast he was going to go. I tried everything, talking to him, stopped riding in my body, using alternate reins to get him to slow down but he was having none of it.

Eventually, on the way home I managed to stop him by turning him into a hedgerow. I tried to get off him whilst he had his nose in the bush but getting off the wrong side I forgot to take my right foot out of the stirrup and he set off again. Managed to lean over the saddle and again headed him into the hedge. As he stopped I got my foot out and got off and walked him the rest of the way home. He certainly wasn't lame on this ride out but it shattered my confidence.

After trying to build a relationship with him for seven months I decided I couldn't carry on anymore and last Saturday he went back to the people who sold him to me. I just don't think I would have ridden him out. He was too much horse for me.

Expensive exercise. Bought him for 2,500 EURO and sold him for 500 EURO. That's all they would give me to take him back. And don't even ask how much I spent on boots, rugs, x-rays, vets, etc... Lesson learnt!!

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