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Easy-Up Buckles Update
Monday, 18 February 2008
Doh! Realised I had the Easy-Up Buckles on upside down! Clue should have been in the name...Watched the  video of putting on the Epic boots which are similar to the Bare and the buckle clips down the way so I thought the Easy-Up would operate the same. See what thought done!!

easyupbuckle.jpg Anyway, fitted the buckles on the right way and they were great. So easy to get boots on now and the clips stay ed closed when Tommy was walking out.

You have to use two hands to get the boots on so it is easier to put the boots on if you rest the horses leg on your lap while using two hands to wiggle the boots into place. Once you get used to it, it is quite easy. 

Tommy seemed very comfortable in the boots and we went out for a short hack in walk.

Tried to get replacement cable from UK supplier but they only stock complete buckle sets. Ordered replacement cables from US site which was a lot cheaper than ordering a new buckle set for the one with the frayed cable (caused by me putting them on upside down!).

Complete set of four new cables was 25USD including postage. One buckle set costs 20STG with postage from UK. So if you need replacement cables buy then direct from Easyboot in US. 

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