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Easy-Up Buckles
Saturday, 09 February 2008
The Epic Bare Boots were much easier to put on now we have changed to them over to using the easy-up buckles instead of the bungees that come as standard. Had all four boots on in less than ten minutes!

easy-up-buckle.jpgWasn't too impressed by the quality as one of the cables has frayed already and today is the first time he has worn the boots with the buckles on!!

Have been in touch with the supplier to see if they can send a replacement cable. This is turning out to be an expensive exercise but after investing appx £250 what with the boots, replacement gaiter (which he managed to rip on the third time he wore them) and easy-up buckles for all four boots I need to make them work.

One of the buckles popped open a couple of times which wasn't a problem today as he was in hand. Hopefully this was just through my inexperience and I will find that once I get a better feel for how tight they should clip they won't pop open when we are out riding.


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