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Harley's Sarcoid Update
Friday, 06 November 2015

Harley has had sarcoids for 2 years. Up until this summer they haven't really cause him any problems.  Last week he had to have one removed by surgery as it got very large and seemed to be getting infected. 

Before they surfaced as sarcoids I tried every type of skin cream, treatment for ring worm, rainscald, etc.. Unfortunately, my local vet Ono an equine vet) had no idea what was causing the flat scaly skin patches.

Once the sarcoids started to pop up it all made sense.  

Here is an update on progress from Spring 2014 to 31st October using Turmeric both internally & topically:


19th April 2014. 
3 days after daily injestion & weekly topical application of Turmeric (apologies for poor pictures) - These are the ones on his armpit. He also has them on his sheath and between his back legs
21st April 2014. 
5 days after daily injestion & weekly topical application of Turmeric (apologies for poor pictures)

30th April 2014. 
14 days after daily injestion & weekly topical application of Turmeric (apologies for poor pictures)

11th May 2014. 
25 days after daily injestion & weekly topical application - a couple look like they are ripe and ready to drop off
13th May 2014. 
My horse is currently on 3tbsp Tumeric with pepper and cold pressed flaxoil for sarcoids (27 days). He has this in soaked beet (1/4 scoop -dried) with an added tspn of Magnesium. They also have ACV (added to their drinking water). He gets no other hard feeds and is turned out 24/7/365. The sarcoids appear to be reacting (starting to ripen). Last weekend he was exceptionally cinchy and we also had a bit of a buckfest when first mounted. This is not normal behaviour. Question - could this indicate an irritation to the gut?

21st May 2014. 
35 days on Tumeric with pepper & flaxoil (cold pressed Horse Flaxoil) - first 27 days on 3tbsp then a break for 3 days (due to suspect gut irritation) now on 1 level tbsp with extra oil per day and topical 2-3 times a week. The biggest sarcoid has dropped off today.

21st June 2014.
Look at the difference between 11th May and 21st June (this is just one of his areas with sarcoids but all improving at same rates). This is where 2 sarcoids dropped off leaving pits. I have been doubtful at times and thought progress was a little slow BUT when you compare the time and effort is worth it

No updates during this period (July 2014 to March 2015)
During this period the sarcoids in his armpits improved but the ones on his back legs and on his sheath seemed to flair up
Sheath area April 2014 
Sheath area May 2014  
1st April 2015.
This one just come off in my hand! (It was right up high between his back legs)
1st August 2015.
Starting mixing Turmeric with Castor Oil for topical application? This is for sarcoids. I feed Turmeric and started coating with Castor Oil (based on older vet's advise). We have had success but I was just wondering if adding Turmeric to the Castor Oil would speed up the process? 

31st October 2015.
One particular sarcoid has been gradually getting worse over the summer (see above). I have waited to have it removed until fly season was over. That time came today. Vet advised leaving all the other small ones and not to disturb too much unless they start to cause problems. They are all nodular which is a good thing (no roots and not interconnected). She has taken DNA sample to get a vaccine made up. Fingers crossed it works.
Have to wait 15 days for the vaccine to be made up. It works for some horses by not all so finger crossed
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