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Torsion Endurance Saddle
Friday, 25 January 2008

I love riding bareback on Magpie but she gets a bit uncomfortable if we go on out on a long hack so I thought I would get a Torsion Endurance Saddle for those long hacks. Some of our hacks could be in the region of four hours.

It was bit strange when I first started using the saddle but Magpie seemed really happy in it and it is a lovely red colour.

torsionendurance.jpgAbout six months after using the Torsion I found my balance was not right. I seemed to be tipping forward, particularly in a downward transition.

I went back to using a standard saddle and after a couple of weeks my balance seemed to be back to normal and downward transitions we a lot smoother.

I think the leg position of the stirrups is much straighter and further back than a traditional English saddle which was causing me to tip forward. May just be the way I ride as I have only been riding since 2000.

Wonderful comfortable saddle for me and the horse but it just didn't suit me or the way I ride.

I am now using my old Wintec GP on Magpie and a Bates saddle on Tommy. Haven't decided yet what saddle to use on Harley. Don't need to think about that yet as we have a couple of years before he will be ridden. 

Below is a bit of technical explanation on the saddle:

Torsion Treeless Saddles

The treeless saddle designed, developed, tested and ridden by Sergio Tommasi, World Championship rider and Italian National Champion.

Why no tree?

With conventional saddles that have a rigid tree, the saddle sits on the horse immovably while the shoulder and legs move. The weight of the rider is never fully aligned. It is constantly shifted forwards through the tree.

With a TORSION saddle, the rider always moves in harmony with the horse's natural gait. It is extremely soft and moulds itself to the shape of your horse. When used with a specially designed pad, the horse's shoulders and back are free of any local pressure points.

The absence of a rigid tree also reduces the saddle's weight down to a remarkable 3.5Kg (8 lbs). All this combines to create harmony, balance, freedom of movement and increased performance.

How is it made?

The saddle is made with finest Italian Nubuk leather, known for its quality and comfort. It is lined with Sympatex, Leather or Kordel fleece. The girth attaches to a large fitting with a secure buckle system. The leather is reinforced and stitched for strength.

The girth straps and stirrup leathers are leather, lined with nylon, or are made entirely of nylon. The stirrup leathers attach to fittings that are connected to a large band of Cordura that sits under the seat. This goes from pommel to cantle to disperse the rider's weight.

The pommel and cantle both have a removable piece of beech wood. The saddle works best with either the specially designed TORSION 100% Merino Wool Saddle Pad, an Equitex Pad, or a Sympatex pad, all of which are made for the shape of the TORSION.

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