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Sunday, 25 April 2010
We have been doing a bit of work with Harley the last couple of weeks and he has been progressing really well. So well in fact that we have started taking him out on short hacks in the company of his mum.

Harley has been doing really weill with his ground work and even on short walks out on his own in hand.

Last week after a 20 minute warm up in the arena we took him for a very short hack under saddle. Just a mile or so, around the block in walk and he done very well. He stopped at one point to look at some ponies in a field and was quite difficult to get going again.

He wasn't being naughty or messing about just fascinated by the ponies.

This saturday, same routine: warm up and then out for a short hack. This week though he decided that he wanted to stop and sniff horse poo on the road, lean orver and try and nibble the grass growing down the middle of the road and looking out and around at everything.

We carried on and was passing a field where the gate was open. He then took it into his head that he didn't want to carry on but definately wanted to get into the field. It didn't matter that his mum was still going on a head. 

I sat, maintaining the pressure and urging him forward. He started tossing his head, reversing and trying to turn into the field. After five minutes of struggling with him I decided to get off and lead him for a few feet to a wall. I got back on and we started off again.

He was doing OK again but I realised that we had no steering!! He can stop and he can walk but forget about steering.

He is fine in the arena but obviously when we are outside there is too much going on around which is much more important than listening to me. 

So I think a few weeks of going back to basics in the arena is in order. 

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