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Rope Products
Tuesday, 08 January 2008

These are all the rope products I use:

A 12 foot lead rope. I prefer this length, as it is long enough to do all your ground work, and get out of danger if you are working with a disrespectful horse, but it is not so long that you get tangled in it.

The rope has a weighted end that makes it easier to swing when you want your horse to move away, or yield. It also has a quick release snap.

12foot_rope.jpgIt has a sturdy swivel brass snap, which prevents twisting of the rope. High quality yachting braid that has a great feel to it. The rope is weighted well so that it communicates clearly to the horse. Also has a leather popper, which is useful to help move the horse along.

A 6ft Communication String Made with yachting rope, it has a loop on one end with a leather popper on the other. Used with the communication stick/carrot stick but also used on the horse as a savvy string around the horses neck.

Communication/Carrot Stick. I have two: one orange and one white in colour. 6foot_string.jpgThey have a leather top with binding, and a golf grip handle which has a great feel to it. 


Natural Training techniques rely on quickly rewarding a horse for yielding to the pressure applied through the halter. If a horse leans into or fights against the rope halter it will experience an increase in pressure, but when the horse yields he is instantly rewarded by the release of the pressure.

I currently buy all my rope products either from Parelli or on eBay. I have found the best value for money and good quality rope products come from eBay sellers in Australia 

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