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Monday, 21 January 2008

We moved to Ireland in 1998 from UK. Hubby and I both had very good, well paid jobs but only managed to see each other and the kids properly some Sundays. Big house, flash cars, 2 or 3 holidays a year but no life!! We sold up, left the jobs and moved to Ireland and set up a business together. Our friends thought we were crazy but now they envy the lifestyle we have. We have 3 cats, 2 dogs and 3 horses and the weekends to ourselves.

I always had a real phobia about horses. They were huge and heavy and in my eyes dangerous. They could kill you if they kicked you!! I would never go within 20 yards of a horse.

About 15 years ago whilst on holiday in Tunisia I decided to try and do something to overcome this phobia. The hotel where we stayed had riding stables on site so decided to take the plunge and booked some lessons. It was a professional set up. You had to wear hard hat and riding boots and were always supervised.

During the 2 weeks we were there I took 5 or 6 lessons and that was it - I was hooked!! 

After we moved to Ireland I decided I wanted my own horse. My son (who was twelve then) and I started taking riding lessons once a week and even went to pony camp together for a week in the summer. Needless to say I was the oldest pupil there but it was thoroughly enjoyable. I even gave up smoking after a while so that could canter a circuit without almost passing out!!

Eventually, we got two ponies. One for me and one for my son. We had stables built behind the house so they were close by and I went out riding 4 or 5 times a week. My son soon got fed up with mucking out etc. and I ended up with two ponies and all the work that goes with them but I loved it. 

That was all in 2002 and I have never looked back.

Now a forty something middle aged woman living in West of Ireland, trying to keep my horses as naturally as is possible in a domestic situation.

I have many EXPERT friends on hand to help with advise on what I am doing wrong or right. Unfortunately, more wrong than right by traditional methods of keeping horses.

Anyway, I will continue to look for and try more natural methods to handle and treat my horses. As my children have all grown up now these horses are my main focus.

My son is now nearing 20 and will only get on a horse if it is tacked up ready for him and the horse can jump!!  

For more information you can Contact Us using the online form.


13.3 hands. Small but with the biggest heart. Born sometime in 2000. Bought from a trader in 2002as a 4 year old (Ha Ha!!) Had been to several homes before she came to me and had a reputation of being a 'Witch'. I was later to find out in 2003, after being examined by a dentist, that she was somewhere between 3 and 4 years old. That would have mean she was only about 2 when she was being sold as a 4 year old. No wonder she was difficult, she was only a baby!!

I had her up for sale several times when I first got her as her first line of defence was attack!! All the prospective buyers were looking at her for children because of her size. I couldn't possibly let her go to a child. At that time she would have killed someone!! So I decided to keep her and once she realised she was here to stay she changed.

She is the safest and best horse. What she lacks in height she makes up for in heart and courage!!


harley24.jpgMagpie's son. Born 5th June 2006. See pictures of Harley's birth. My first born.

Picture taken just and half hour after he was born. Harley is now taller than his mum. At 2 and half years old he is 14.3 hands so he is already bigger than Magpie. His sire was 15.2 and the same colour as Magpie, the same shaped head and bone structure. From a distance it is very hard to tell Magpie and Harley apart. They both have the same markings!!


polly5.jpgI got Polly in 2003 as a 4 year old from a riding school. She is 14 hands and a very heavy set horse. She has a full horse size body on short thick pony legs. She is a bit of a plod but so trust worthy. Polly gives the impression of being a bit slow and clumsy but she is one of the most intelligent horses I have ever met. She may take a little time to understand the questions asked of her but once she gets it she never forgets. She has a five second delay from request to response but once you take this in to account she is perfect. Polly is an absolute sweetheart and is always one of the first to the gate. She loves people.

I sold Polly in July 2007 to make room for Tommy, a six year old ex-racehorse. 15.3 and a real big softie. Unfortunately, Tommy is no longer with me. After having him for 7 months and trying to build a relationship with him I have decided that it is just not happening and he went back to the people who sold him to me in March 2008. He frightened me when we were out riding, I didn't feel we were getting any further ahead and I had no confidence when out riding him. I bought Polly back in March 2008 as I missed her so much!!


baby251108.jpgBaby came to me in August 2008. She is a 15.2HH, twelve year old ex-broodmare who outlived usefulness for her last two owners. I bought her for 200Euro to save her going to slaughter. She has very bad feet which I hope can be resolved. See Baby's story for more details. I will keep Baby until she is well enough to go on to a foster home where I hope she can live out the rest of her life happily as a companion horse. She has the sweetest nature of any horse I have ever met before. Her registered name is Thalancer but she will always be Baby to me



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