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Side Pass Practice Magpie
Saturday, 28 February 2009
We took a few short videos today on the mobile phone of us practising side passing on the ground without halters or lines. We started practising last week. Still have a way to go but we are making progress. These are Magpie's 3 clips
Solo Around the Block
Saturday, 21 February 2009
We decided to take Harley out on his first solo walk around the block today. Previously, he has only gone solo up to the end of the road or around the block with auny Polly following behind. In preparation, for riding him in the summer we decided we would try his first solo walk around the block today to see how he coped.
Snoozing on a Sunday afternoon
Saturday, 21 February 2009
Last Sunday (15/02/09) was,for us, the first proper day of Spring. The weather was gorgeous. I played with the horses for an hour and then just sat with them while they snoozed in the sunshine. It was lovely!

Here is a clip of Polly enjoying the afternoon as only Polly can. Polly really knows how to chill out:

Magpie Laid Down
Sunday, 01 February 2009
Today was freezing so I didn't spend too much time outside with the horses. Late this afternoon I decided I would go out to play with them for half an hour. Magpie was lying down when I went into the arena. I expected her to get up as I went in but she didn't. She just watched me as I walked around talking to Harley and Polly who came straight up to me ready to play.
Mongolia Charity Horse Trek
Thursday, 11 December 2008
Mongolia is the king of horse countries, where snow-covered mountains mingle with the desert. It is a country of contrast with a vast sea of green grass on the steppes, to the ochre sand dunes of the Gobi desert. Known as the 'Land of the Blue Sky' it is a remarkably sunny country where grasslands and deserts provide habitats for wildlife species such as the snow leopard, the Gobi bear, wild camel, and wild horse.
Baby is Lame Again
Saturday, 06 December 2008

Baby has another abcess. This time in her right foot. This is the foot I was working on when she got an abcess in her left foot.

This one appeared as a lump on her tendon on Tuesday morning. I thought her leg looked a little swollen and she was limping again.

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